Product Spotlight: Pax Plus and Pax Mini

Heralded as the “iPhone” of dry herb vaporizers, the Pax 3 was the crowning jewel in any serious aficionado’s stable of vaporizers. Accepting both dried herbs or concentrates, the Pax 3 Vaporizer was the pinnacle of the vaporizer market segment blending together versatility, functionality, and minimalism. It was the device that all other vaporizers aspired to be, setting the benchmark for what an appropriate vaporizer could be. After spending over 6 years at the top, another serious contender has challenged the Pax 3 for its crown and the prime position at the top; this time, the threat is from within. Pax Labs has recently announced the release of the Pax Plus and Pax Mini, two new vaporizers that are sure to unseat their shared ancestor.


My favorite of the two, the Pax Plus is everything I wanted the Pax 3 to be. With the ability to cater to concentrate connoisseurs or simply sticking to delectable dry herbs, the Pax Plus is as versatile as its older brother, but does it better. With the previous Pax 3, vapers had to purchase the Complete kit instead of the Basic version (or a slew of accessories) to unlock compatibility with concentrates. This really irked me, as an avid fan of both mediums. It felt very paywall-ish, like buying your favorite game that releases paid content, even though you have already purchased the base game. Pax Labs, however, saw the irony in this type of marketing and instead, combined the two versions into one neat package called the Pax Plus. Now with compatibility for concentrates, the Pax Plus is sure to be the true King of vaporizers. This bundling of products makes total sense as the concentrate and extract markets have made leaps and bounds since the introduction of the Pax 3 Vaporizer in November 2016.

Don’t fret if you are married to the Pax 3, and are worried the new changes would be off putting. Many of the features from the Pax 3 have been reincarnated within the Pax Plus. This is apparent as the Pax Plus Vaporizer Kit is the newly designated flagship model of Pax Labs, dethroning the Pax 3 in the process. Although losing app connectivity (Pax has provided a work-around!) and functionality, the Pax Plus still utilizes a stainless steel oven to gently heat any dried herbs to produce intoxicating aromas and vapors. Adjustable temperatures help users create the ideal vaping temperatures to extract the most out of your favorite dried herbs. A 3D oven screen makes removal and replacement much easier, as it is no longer simply just a flat piece of metal. Holding up to 0.5g, the capacity and functionality of the Pax Plus is just like the Pax 3, remaining ultimately unchanged. Amongst all the changes, the Pax Plus still feels natural and intuitive. With an intelligent chipset at the helm, it is clear cut on why Pax Labs is such a memorable name within the legions of cannabis connoisseurs out there.

Although it is good to see many of the positive features of the Pax 3 have been preserved in the latest renovation, the Pax Plus does bring some small changes to the table. With the addition of “Experience Modes”, these settings finely tune the Pax Plus to create delicious vapor in 3 different ways. With Stealth Mode, accent LEDs are dimmed and vapor production is minimized, allowing vapers to discreetly enjoy their dried herbs. Efficiency mode helps preserve the amount of material used, stretching the last of your dried herbs before you run out to avoid “dankruptcy”. Flavor Mode helps maximize the amount of flavor within your vapor. Boost Mode is the strongest mode, ensuring maximum vapor delivery and works best with concentrates.

If you do not know how to use the Pax Series Vaporizers, we’ve included a helpful infographic to get you up to speed:

All-in-all, it is pretty simple. Just grind up your favorite dried herbs, pack some into the stainless steel oven, close it, and start the heating process. Remember: “Sip, don’t rip.”  Sipping allows for consumption of the vapor, while maintaining the temperature within the oven. If ripped, the oven temperature will drop below vaporization levels, forcing the battery to work harder to increase heating. After the heating process is finished, you will hear and feel vibrational feedback to know when the device is ready. Aside from this small learning curve, the Pax Plus Vaporizer is relatively intuitive once you become familiar with the device and the Pax Labs ecosystem.


The second half of this long-awaited release from Pax Labs is the Pax Mini Vaporizer. Perfect for those that love dried herbs, the Pax Mini Vaporizer eschews concentrates for purely dried herb compatibility. Maintaining all the improved features – albeit packed into a smaller form factor, the Pax Mini is ideal for solo or group sessions, producing plenty of vapor to rival its larger counterparts. Do not let the smaller size fool you, as the Pax Mini can still hang with the best of them, while looking much better than the competition. Holding a smaller 0.25g within the stainless steel oven, the Pax Mini Vaporizer can heat up within 22 seconds and actually has the same battery capacity of the Pax Plus, delivering about 8-10 sessions easily in between recharges. Described as the iPhone of the aromatherapy world, the Pax series vaporizers are a top-tiered contender within hemp and vaporizer circles.

Which one is for YOU?

Depending on your preferred mediums of consumption, both Pax devices have their shortcomings and strongpoints. If you are a heavy proponent of dry herbs and they are all you consume, then the Pax Mini is sure to be added to your collection. The specialized nature of the Pax Mini Vaporizer makes it one of the best dry herb vaporizers on the market. If concentrates and dry herbs are both in your rotation, then the Pax Plus Vaporizer is the perfect hybrid dry herb and concentrate vaporizer for you. With its ability to efficiently process concentrates and dry herbs alike, the Pax Plus Vaporizer is a powerful workhorse that will make easy work of dried herbs or potent concentrates, outputting full-bodied vapor and flavor. Select the vaporizer that best suits your lifestyle and the method of consumption.