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Disposable atomized electronic cigarette, shipped with built-in battery 280mAh, with indicator light.

T1HE-Black 0.3ML
T2HE-Silver 0.3ML
T3HE-Golden Yellow 0.3ML
T4HE-Red 0.3ML
T5HE-Blue 0.3ML
T6HE-Black 0.5ML
T7HE-Silver 0.5ML
T8HE-Golden Yellow 0.5ML
T9HE-Red 0.5ML
T10HE-Blue 0.5ML

Disposable Atomized Electronic Cigarette Disposable Atomized Electronic Cigarette

Weight with package: 40g
Product size: 125*10.5MM
Material of atomizing rod: stainless steel
Atomization core: ceramic core
Number of cartridges: about 700
Nicotine: 3%-5%
Resistance: 1.4Ω
Output power: 8W
Size: 120*9mm
Material: food grade PCTG
Heating wire: mesh heating wire

Core advantages:
1. Fast firing rate: instant heating technology, the atomization time only needs 0.15.
2. Large amount of atomization: using the new steel mesh atomizing core technology, large area and balanced heating, pure taste, high degree of reduction, and large amount of smoke.
3 Lightweight and fashionable: The appearance adopts a minimalist cylindrical design, which is light and convenient, and feels good in the hand, with many fashionable colors
4 Environmental protection and hygiene: The suction nozzle is made of top PCTG environmental protection material (material for baby bottles), and is equipped with a dust cover to design clean and hygienic.

The reasons for the oil leakage of electronic cigarettes:

1- Storing the pod in the sun and taking it out directly from the balcony or car will expose the pod to oil leakage
2- The pod has been used for a long time, causing the bottom to condense, and the atomization and condensation during the pumping process cause paste
Shake to improve
How to deal with oil spills:
1. Wipe with cotton swab or paper towel
2. Observe the color
3. Confirm that it is condensation/smoke

If the condensed water seeps out, it is a normal phenomenon. During the heating process of the smoke stick, there will be water vapor like the principle of boiling water, and it will be wiped off after normal use. The smoke bomb is designed with anti-seepage technology. If you find oil leakage, you can communicate with customer service.


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