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Pod System Kits

Pod System Kits

Pod Vape Kit is an ultra-compact and easy to use vape device. Pod systems provide low power output, using higher nicotine strengths with integrated pods instead of tanks. With high resistance coils, users are able to use nicotine salt e juice with a delightful throat hit. Pod vape kits are ideal for users who want to make the transition from smoking to vaping or for sophisticated vapers who want a portable device for use on the go.
Pod systems are mostly meant for the mouth-to-lung style of vaping. Vape pods are mainly draw-activated which means that there is no button to operate. To activate the device, you will only need to take a puff on the device.
Here are certain benefits you may get from vape pods:
Affordable: pod vapes are cheaper than most vape devices in the market.
Portable and convenient: pod systems are small and easy to carry around.
Discreet: pod systems have minimal vapor production.
Leak-proof: pod systems come with pre-built and disposable cartridges with low chances of leaking.
Easy to use: easy to use for a newbie.
Stronger nicotine hit: compatible with high nicotine salt-juice and they will give you the satisfying nicotine hit quickly.

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