I Love Salts E Juice

I Love Salts E Juice

I Love Salts E Juice is a brand new line of nicotine salt e juices created by Mad Hatter Juice. Harsh throat hits are well known in the electronic cigarette industry and with the introduction of nicotine salts, we witness the shift in what vapers throw in their vape tanks. I Love Salts devoted to bringing the vapers excellent flavor profiles and heightened nicotine levels without the harsh throat hits. All I Love Salts juice comes in mini plastic bottles with 30ml capacity. All the flavors of the I Love Salts line are available in either 25mg or 50mg nicotine strengths, so you may have a little bit of flexibility with how much nicotine you get. But in fact, this is the right choice for this kind of juice and it will work well with quite a number of pod system kits on the market. For smokers who seek a brand of vape juice that isn’t going to kill their lungs with every nicotine-infused vapor cloud, I Love Salt is worth your while.

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